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CIIGMA Hospital
Inaugurated On 17th January 2009 CIIGMA Hospital was inaugurated through video conference

CIIGMA Hospital a new era begin

Facilities at CIIGMA

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The Maternity unit at the hospital has dedicated and separate Labour Room Dr Pushpa Kodlikeri, Chief Consultant and Gynaecologist is Incharge.

The unit has essential instruments, medicines, equipments & machinery, facilities.

Pre-Delivery Medications and Proper counselling is done and the Chief Consultant/Surgeon, Assisting Staff prepare the patient physically and mentally for the delivery, with full moral support.

At least 15% of married couples, will experience some degree of infertility, with all its accompanying feeling and frustrations. Infertility is most simply defined as "the inability of a couple to achieve conception after a year of unprotected intercourse, or inability to carry pregnancies to a live birth."

Approximately 35% of infertility is a problem solely of the female, and another 35% is a problem solely with the male. In about 25% of cases, there is a problem found in both members of the couple.

Only about 3.5% of infertility is unexplained once a thorough evaluation of both partners has been conducted.
  ANC & PNC Check up
  Infertility Clinic & One day infertility evaluation for couple.
  Govt. recognized MTP & Tubectomy Centre. (Laparoscopic & Open)
  Semen analysis & Processing & IUI Laboratory.
  Operative Endoscopy / Hysteroscopy by Prof. R.Rajan once in 4 weeks.
  Endoscopic set (Richard Wolf ) for Endoscopic Surgery.
  Operative Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy & consultation by Dr. R. Rajan once in 6 wks.
  Laminar Flow Sperm Processor